Welcome to ANYE and ANYE.sketch blog...

Hi, welcome to ANYE and ANYE.sketch blog.
This is super exciting for all of us, and all of you i bet, as this is AGNES MONICA's clothing line herself.

For years, Agnes has been an artist who is so close with achievements, AND also fashion. That is why her clothing line is highly anticipated by people, including those in fashion industry/business.

Agnes Monica acts as the director, besides being the owner of her lines, "ANYE" and "ANYE.sketch".
She is involved in all of the processes, from interviewing the designers, to the production of the products. This is done because she wants to bring perfections in ANYE.

Combining what passion really means.

vintage and perfections.

classic yet trendsetting.

original yet mind blowing.



...that kind of me...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

GLAM IT UP with ANYE necklace!!!

Product Code:
NECK GB 01 (anye)

IDR 300,000...(belum termasuk biaya pengiriman)

Bring out your glam with this necklace!!!